Saturday, October 30, 2010

David Cross: Bigger & Blackerer - 2010

"David Cross: Bigger & Blackerer" - 2010
Dir. by Lance Bangs - 58 min.

by Clayton Hollifield

This is a stand-up concert video from 2009, and really the only thing I can judge is how good of a performance it is.  David Cross is a very good stand-up comedian, and while his act certainly isn't for everyone, you'll find out pretty quickly if you're going to get offended at his brand of humor.  This is an excellent concert - I was laughing all the way through.  It's not his best video (you could start with one of his albums or "Let America Laugh"), but it captures a damned good comedian giving a damned good performance, which is a pretty good recommendation.

4 / 5 - Streaming

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